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End Of School Program

Prepare To Be Your Best This Summer

Train in a professional environment with the guidance of coaches with experience of over 20 years in professional football.

The Program

Join Aspire Pro Training coaches Maksym Kowal, Sergiu Anton, and Andreas Vaikla. The coaches have over 200+ professional games between them but they are not just trainers; they are mentors who understand the pathway to the professional game.


Tailoring the experience with position-specific training sessions, this program is designed to prepare you for the physical, technical, and tactical demands for your upcoming summer season.


Physical Literacy

Building the speed, coordination, strength, and conditioning required to bring you to your peak shape.


Ball Mastery

Develop the ball control to beat players 1v1, master your first touch, and be able to pass through the pressure.


Passing & Receiving 

Learn to maintain possession, create opportunities, support the play, with proper awareness & technical ability.

Attacking & Finishing

Become a clinical finisher and develop various finishing techniques and attacking runs to become a threat in the final third.

Session Overview 

Players will train for 2 hours mastering the fundamentals and receiving world-class coaching in a competitive positive environment. The final 30 minutes will be designated for various types of matchplay situations for players to implement and test the skills they have just learned.

5 Week End Of School Program

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